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Greetings!    I am Rev.  Karen Hipsher, Healing Minister and I would like to take a few  moments to explain the purpose of the healing ministry.  It is God’s desire for all  His children to be healthy and whole in every aspect.  He wants you to be  completely whole physically, mentally and emotionally.  Jesus took the stripes on  His back to free you from sickness; He wore the crown of thorns on His head to  free you from mental and emotional anguish.  Yes you will experience difficult  times, everyone does, but you have a Savior who cares for you and wants you to  enjoy your life.  It will take faith and patience on your part, but Jesus always  remains faithful and He will never leave your side.    As the healing minister it is my job to teach what the Bible says about healing.   To show that it is God’s will for you to be well in every way.  Healing is part of  your redemption and it is promised to you.  Jesus is the Great Physician, He is  always available whenever you call and best of all, He is free.  All that He  requires from you is your faith and belief in Him and His Word.     For any healing prayer request you can fill out the form below, leave a message  and it will be sent directly to Rev. Karen.   
Grace New Covenant is blessed to have a powerful healing ministry within the church. Our healing ministry is lead by Rev. Karen Hipsher. "It is God’s desire for all His children to be healthy and whole in every aspect." - quote from Rev Hipsher
Be Healed In Jesus Name Healing Ministry
Teachings from Rev. Karen 
Godís Healing Power Healing Is Godís Will Paulís Thorn
Reverend Karen
Jesus Is Our Healer